Camping Checklist

Printable version: Camp Checklist – Cool Weather


CLOTHING (will probably come home in same clothes you saw him leave in!)

_____ Scout Shirt (Class A-to be worn driving to and from camp)

_____ (2) Long Sleeved Shirts

_____ (2) Long Pants

_____ (2) Short Sleeved Shirts

_____ Sweater/Sweatshirt/Jacket

_____ (3) Socks

_____ (2) Underwear

_____ PJ’s

_____ Hiking boots or sturdy shoes

_____ Spare shoes

_____ Rain gear

_____ Swim suit (at summer camp)



_____ Pocketknife (must bring Totin’ Chip card or re-earn it at camp)

_____ Small First Aid Kit (optional, the troop has a First Aid Kit)

_____ Canteen or Water Bottle

_____ Cup for beverages (best not to use canteen for juice, milk etc…)

_____ Flashlight

_____ Compass (optional)

_____ Sun Protection (optional)



_____ Sleeping Bag

_____ Ground Pad

_____ Pillow

_____ Soap, Washcloth, Towel, Comb (optional)

_____ Toothbrush and toothpaste (probably won’t be used :o) )

_____ Meds (give to adult Leader with instructions)

_____ Camera (optional, a phone cannot be used for this!)

_____ Bible

_____ Lawn Chair

_____ Blankets (optional)

_____ Scout book

_____ Bug spray/ Sun screen

_____ Towels(summer camp)



DO NOT BRING: Electronic devices — battery-operated games, CD players, firearms, etc. Cell phones will be left in vehicles.